UNL-PIESL Internship

UNL Intensive English Program Internship

Programs in English as a Second Language (PIESL) are designed to help international and non-native English speaking students develop the English proficiency and academic habits necessary for academic success during their degree programs here at the university.

Completing your Global Studies internship with PIESL will provide you with extensive opportunities to interact and work with individuals who come to us from all over the world.  As a PIESL intern, you will work with our instructors in creating English practice and campus involvement opportunities for our students.  Examples include conversation tables with other American students, Intensive English Program (IEP) Club activities (monthly), campus/community event and activity updates through our Facebook page, periodical classroom visits, and monthly faculty newsletter coordination and distribution.  It’s a great way to gain global experience right here on the UNL campus.

Students at a table

For more information, contact:

Crystal Bock Thiessen
Lecturer Programs in English as a Second Language
Nebraska Hall 513E

If you're interested in earning academic credit while completing the internship please contact Emira Ibrahimpasic, Assistant Director of Global Studies at emira@unl.edu.

Outline of Responsibilities


Duties Time Commitment

Work with selected speaking & listening instructors to set-up times (in-class and/or out) for weekly conversation groups with native speakers. We will have a list of instructors interested in having conversations groups, and expect that you will work with non-interning domestic students to help set up informal conversation groups for the students to practice speaking.

30 min. or less for coordinating (by email okay)

50 mins to 1 hr. for conversation group (depending on class)

Check the PIESL newsletter email for updates and add them to the newsletter. Send an email reminder to faculty for submissions.

1 hour

Update the weekly activities on both the GSIEP Facebook page (GSIEP Events-UNL) AND through a group email to all PIESL faculty. Include photos when possible.

30 minutes

Fill out personal activities/time commitment log

20 minutes or less

Weekly reflections (as determined by your DSP)



Duties Time Commitment
  • Plan, organize, and attend an off-campus event for the IEP Club. Ideas could include:
  • $5 movie Tuesdays at the Marcus
  • $1 student movie Thursdays at the Ross
  • Ice skating down in the Haymarket
  • Pizza or hamburger night downtown
  • Current holiday celebration/party
  • Roller skating/bowling
  • Haymarket/downtown tours
  • UNL sporting (or other) event

30 mins. to 1 hr. for planning

1-2 hours for actual event/activity

Plan a visit to each IEP level in their classrooms to briefly remind them of the IEP Club and activities (including the 2 big monthly activities), and to encourage them to get involved.

1-2 hours

Finalize the monthly PIESL newsletter and send it to Crystal for review by the last day of the month.

1-2 hours

End of the semester

Duties Time Commitment

Final project (as determined by your DSP)


Final email recap of the semester—this can be a combined effort among all of the interns and should be in the form of a email sent out to all of the IEP faculty addressing your successes and challenges from the semester.