ANTH 353 Anthropology of War
ANTH 420 Ethnic Identity and Ethnic Conflict
ANTH 442 Human Variation
ANTH 472 Belief Systems in Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 476 Human Rights, Environment, and Development
COMM 365 Communication and Social Identity
HIST 225 Women in History
HIST 333 Jews in the Modern World
HIST 339 The Holocaust
HIST 429 History of Fascism in Europe
HIST 486 History of South Africa
MODL 454 Russian Intellectual Tradition
PHIL 325 Advanced Social Political Philosophy
PHIL 425 Political and Social Philosophy
POLS 281 Challenges to the State: Non-State Actors in
World Politics
POLS 361 The UN and World Politics
POLS 362 Globalization, Human Rights, and Diversity
POLS 469 International Law
POLS 470 International Human Rights
POLS 472 State Terror
POLS 476 Ethnic Conflict and Identity
SOCI 200 Women in Contemporary Society
SOCI 217 Nationality and Race Relations
SOCI 481 Minority Groups
WMNS 101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WMNS 201 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Trans-gender,
Queer/Sexuality Studies
Culture and Society
Culture and

Global Resources and Environment
Global Resources and Environment

Global Security and Foreign Policy
Global Security and Foreign Policy

Human Rights
Human Rights